Update on the case of persecuted migrants about the insurgency events in the detention center of Moria on July 18th.

Following an update, an additional two people were added to the original 35 persecuted migrants. The two new arrestees, also coming from African countries, were detained in August and after they faced the persecutor they were released under the restrictive terms of staying in Moria and appearing in the police station twice a month. As can be seen from this development, the case file remains open and there is always the risk of accusations being made to more people.

Also on Wednesday, December 13th, the Court Council will examine the extension of the detention of the 30 migrants currently in diffenet prisons in the country. A ex officio process  due to the completion of the first six months of their detention next month.


Immediate release of detained migrants

Withdrawal of all categories

Solidarity with the struggling migrants of the occupation of SYRIZA offices





Previous information notes on the case here and here

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