Pause of the trial of the 10 immigrants for the events of Moria on 10 July 2017

Today, the trial of the 10 migrants accused of the events that took place on July 10, 2017 in the Moria detention center will be held at the courthouse on Chios. Of the 10 persecuted, only 2 appeared, one of them was imprisoned in the Chios prison in the last 3 months.

The trial was the second of the day, but the importance of the first case (related to child pornography) and the strike of the court clerks since 12.00 led to the pause of the trial before it really started. The trial will now continue on Wednesday May 16 at 11.00.

Running the trial away from Lesvos where one of the defendants and all the witnesses of the defense are present, and the need for continuous travel and accommodation has created major financial problems for the parties involved and the solidarity assembly. As a result, the presence of solidarity from other parts of Greece, but even some of the witnesses, is quite difficult. There is a need for financial support for the solidarity campaign to ensure that the state’s attempt to carry out these trials in isolation will not succeed.

Solidarity Assembly for the 35 migrants of Moria

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Previous statement of the assembly about the case can be found here.

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